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American Ninjutsu
American Ninjutsu
American Ninjutsu
American Ninjutsu
American Ninjutsu


Specialized Training for Women, Men, Children or customized programs to fit your needs

Speciality Training

Speciality Training

These programs are offered on a limited basis and as special interest programs.  Group bookings can be made with a minimum of number of students depending on the program.

Parent Education Lectures are available for Child Safety topics.


20-30 minute presentations to Chamber of Commerce, Kiwanis, Girls Scouts, Rotary, Business, churches and Social Women’s Clubs, etc. offered FREE to interested organizations, based on instructor availability

Self Defense Seminar
This program is specific to teenage and adult women and is designed to increase their awareness to avoid a situation as well as increase their physical skills to escape a situation if necessary. This program can be customized to cover use of everyday weapons for defense, assistance with self protection weapons such as mace, pepper spray, stun guns and defense from weapons.The program can be formatted for a minimum of 3 hours up to 8 hours split into multiple days.


Self Defense 101 Series

These are short, specific self defense classes for any level student that builds off of basic skills. This program is similiar to the longer self defense class.  The difference, is this  series is broken into 4 easy to process programs to help students retain and build on the information. Classes can be taken individually, as a stand alone class or together as a series.  Students will gain skills from each program. Below classes run for 1.5 hr to 2 hrs, depending on scheduling needs.


  • Basic Self Defense – Covers situational awareness, prevention, body distancing, basic strikes for striking range and close quarter range (includes upper & lower body strikes), then practical application of strikes with escaping techniques. These basic skills are the foundation and basics for the other classes in the Self defense Series.

  • Pressure Points - Learn how to effectively use pressure points to gain advantage of a bad situation. Pressure points will be taught in their basic form and then applied with other self defense skills.

  • Ground Defense – Learn how to react when you find yourself in a bad situation that has landed on the ground.  In this class we will cover ground transitions, standing defensively and escaping.

  • Everyday Weapons – Learn how to use basic items in a self defense situation.  Keys, pencils, books, bags, etc as common tools to defend yourself.  You will learn basic application for each item.



Child Safety Program

Child Safety is an educational training for a one hour time frame dealing with strangers and lures. The program takes children through the educational points of being safe and then teaches physical safety skills. Parents are educated on how to teach and talk to their children about the dangers.

Customized Seminars
On-going training, customized seminars and private training are also available. If interested the instructor will meet with you to determine your needs and develop a program specifically for your need.

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Regular Classes

Regular Classes - Currently Unavailable 
Can be set up for a group based on Instructor availability, location and desired offering

Course Descriptions

American Ninjutsu is a Christian based martial arts program covering all aspects of street defense in a martial arts belted system.  American Ninjutsu students learn to defend themselves in a standing, transitional and ground positions.  They also learn awareness, body movement, everyday defense tools and traditional weapons.


Children's Classes    Ages 5 - 12

Offers a structured belted system designed to teach children the marital arts skills necessary for each belt, along with life skills.  Students develop their confidence through their training, learn how to be a positive influence on others and to deal with challenging situations.  Students will also learn leadership skills through their progressive training.

Adult Classes     Ages 12 and up

Adults learn martial arts through a structured belted martial arts system.  The skills they learn will cover upright defense, transitional work (through sweeps and throws) and ground defense.  In addition, students will learn traditional and practical weapon defense.  This program offers realistic self defense through a belted martial arts system.

Family Class Ages 5 and Up

Open to all students - individuals and families.  This is a great chance to work with  a variety of body styles while getting in extra training.

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